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The impeccably smooth performance and the presence of various advanced features make Ternmet the most special Airbnb Clone Script.
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We have made the most optimal use of technology to provide you with unlimited listings and search results and offer your customers a wide range of property options to choose from. Ternmet Airbnb Clone Script lists every property that is relevant for your customers according to multiple specifications and parameters like location, pricing, availability, occupancy, guest preferences, etc.

Advanced Filters
for Selective Search

We use the most advanced technologies and search filters in our Airbnb Clone Script to produce a wide range of relevant and selective search results. The results accurately match the specifications and requirements of the customers. Our Airbnb Clone app ensures to fetch the list of verified and most reliable properties in the designated as well as surrounding locations.

and Reviews

Ternmet Airbnb Clone Script is dedicated to providing you and your customers with a seamless experience. We enable the customers to check the ratings and reviews of the listed properties on your Airbnb Clone Script app before scheduling a stay with them. It would greatly help you ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay and user experience for your customers.

Cancellation Policies
and Management

The cancellation process and policies on our Airbnb Clone Script are as convenient and uncomplicated as the booking procedure. Our Airbnb Clone app is made to provide extensive customer support and convenience in case of booking cancellations made by the properties or the customers.


The CMS management feature present in our Airbnb Clone Script keeps the app updated with the help of regular updation and digital modification of content according to the ongoing trends and requirements. It retains as well as maintains the quality and originality of the app.


To ensure a pleasantly safe stay and experience for your customers, Ternmet Airbnb Clone Script has a robust in-built property verification system. It makes ample use of technology to closely verify the identification documents provided by property owners to get listed on our Airbnb Clone app.

Secure Multi-Currency
Payment Gateways

We have made the Ternmet Airbnb Clone Script app optimal and apt to be used globally. Our app possesses secure multi-currency payment gateways enabling transactions in almost all global currencies. Our Airbnb Clone is compatible with making and receiving payments in any currency with its exclusive and innovative currency changer feature.


We understand that the biggest concern associated with the cancellation of bookings is the refund of payment. We have developed an easy and competent refund management system in our Airbnb Clone Script. The refund management system in the app is designed to track and process refunds easily according to the refund policies decided by you.

cus verification

Our Airbnb Clone Script also ensures to do the identity verification of the users or customers while signing up on the Ternmet Airbnb Clone Script app. We adopt an aware and accountable approach toward the safety of the users/customers as well as the service providers. We believe in security as much as in convenience and usability.

Responsive Multi-Language
Web Design

Our Ternmet Airbnb Clone Script is designed to be used by businesses and users in any part of the world. We have rendered a responsive multi-language web design to our Airbnb Clone app to enhance its usability across all languages, screens, and operating systems for an inclusive and exceptional user experience.

GPS and

We have made advanced use of GPS and Geo-location technology in our Ternmet Airbnb Clone Script to produce the best search results for you and your customers. It would also help the users to trace the exact location of the property. Moreover, the users can also use our app to navigate and reach the property instantly with convenience.


Ternmet Airbnb Clone Script also provides suggestions and property recommendations to ease out the search process for the customers. Our Airbnb Clone Script app makes it convenient for the users to select the most suitable property from the list of recommendations according to their preferred location and budget.

Easy Customization
& Add-ons

Our Airbnb Clone script is totally customizable. We can make the app the best suited according to your preference and requirements. Ternmet Airbnb Clone Script app also offers several paid and unpaid add-on features like host penalty, shared hosting, crypto wallet integration, and more. Custimize from anywhere in the world.
Booking Options

Booking Option

The booking is done in a plethora
of timely options

Calendar date displays the dates when
booking is done and when the services are
present for availing them.

The host can block any particular

Once the process of booking is
accomplished, the host and the
customer will be alerted regarding the

Integrated Customer

We provide thorough customer support to our clients before and after the Airbnb Clone Script app goes live. We ensure the smooth running of the app by offering timely updation and maintenance services. You can contact us regarding any assistance and support needed to enhance the functionality of the app to fulfill your desired expectation of delivering an unmatched user experience to your customers.

Calendar Management

The calendar management system used in the Ternmet Airbnb Clone Script app offers easy scheduling and management of bookings for the properties as well as the customers. It makes the reservation process and its management unbelievably easy for all the concerned parties, be it you, the listed property owners or your valued customers.

Free Bug Resolution
& Complimentary
White Labeling

We are dedicated to offering you an optimal and error-free Airbnb Clone Script app, yet in case you detect a bug, we would be glad to resolve it for free if reported within a specific time period. Otherwise, we will successfully rule it out through extensive bug resolution in future updates. Ternmet Airbnb Clone Script also comes with a complimentary white labeling service. We put your logo and company name in every visible place in the admin panel free of cost to boost your reputation and brand image. We understand how important it is for you to have your logo and brand name all over the app.


Available Pricing Options and Packages

We have various pricing packages available for you to choose from. The packages have been designed with strategic calculations to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We mainly offer two pricing packages Gold and Platinum.

Package Feature

Gold$1599 Spin the wheel to get offer!

Platinum$2449 Spin the wheel to get offer!

Package Feature



Spin the wheel
100% Source Code & Customizable for single license
Advanced Filter Options
Alert for Hosts and Guests
Banner Management
Booking Status Management
Built-In Android App for Hosts & Guests
Built-In IOS App for Hosts & Guests
Commission Fees
Commission Tracking Management
Coupon Code Module
Elegant Search By City, State Name and Country
Email Notification Management
Free Installation
Free Support
Google Maps Integration
Instant Communication System between Guest & Host
Integrated Google Analytics
Multiple Currency for Website and App
Multiple Languages option for Website
Paypal & Authorize.net for credit card
Phone Verification of Hosts Using Twilio account
Responsive Design
Review Management System
SEO Friendly URLs
SMS notification - (Twilio)
Sign in Using Facebook
Stripe Payment Module
Sub Admin Management & Privileges
Trust And Verification System
Unlimited Guests
Unlimited Hosts
Unlimited Property Listing
Wish List Feature
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FAQ - Ternmet: The Best Airbnb Clone Script

Ternmet is the ultimate solution, the best Airbnb clone script, designed to emulate Airbnb's functionality. It empowers entrepreneurs to create their vacation rental and hotel booking platform, offering a seamless experience for hosts and guests alike.

Ternmet stands out as the best Airbnb clone script, boasting advanced features, a user-friendly interface, and a responsive design. It provides a customizable solution, tailored to specific business needs, with a strong focus on security, scalability, and performance, guaranteeing a reliable experience for all users.

Ternmet comes equipped with a wide array of features, including a user-friendly property listing and booking management system, secure payment gateways for smooth transactions, advanced search and filter options for guests, host verification and guest review systems to foster trust and transparency, multi-language and multi-currency support for global accessibility, and a responsive Airbnb clone app for both Android and iOS platforms.

Absolutely! Ternmet is not limited to vacation rentals. Its versatile architecture allows it to function as a powerful hotel booking script, providing hotels with the means to efficiently manage their room inventory, pricing, and reservations.

Yes, indeed! Ternmet offers extensive customization options, allowing you to reflect your branding identity with personalized themes, color schemes, and seamless logo integration, ensuring a unique and distinctive platform for your vacation rental or hotel booking business.

At Ternmet, security is paramount. Our script integrates secure payment gateways and follows industry-standard security protocols to safeguard user data and ensure safe and reliable online transactions.

Absolutely! We provide comprehensive technical support for Ternmet, assisting you with setup, customization, and maintenance of your Airbnb clone platform. Our dedicated team is always ready to address any queries or concerns you may have.

Certainly! Ternmet is designed to cater to a global audience by supporting multi-language and multi-currency functionalities, enabling you to expand your business internationally.

Getting the best Airbnb clone script is effortless! Simply visit our website and get in touch with our sales team, who will guide you through the acquisition process, providing all the necessary information to seamlessly integrate Ternmet into your vacation rental or hotel booking business.

Absolutely! Experience Ternmet's remarkable features and capabilities firsthand with our free demo. This immersive experience empowers you to evaluate Ternmet's suitability for your business before making an informed purchase decision.